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How Crazy Is Your Week?

A friend wanted a week-at-a-glance calendar to keep track of all her family's weekly activities.  Between three children in a combination of sports, scouts, study sessions, play dates, and church activities she was starting to feel overwhelmed.  Add to that her exercise classes, book club, and volunteer work, and her husband's (random) part time job and it was getting a little impossible to keep track of who was supposed to be where on what day.

I suggested a dry erase frame.  I have a 16x20 inch frame with a vinyl calendar grid.  Every family member has their own color, so I can easily see the week's events:

I also have an 11x14 inch frame in my kitchen for menu planning.  Whereas my calendar has no backing (the glass is glued to the frame), I chose to frame some colorful fabric.  I also added chipboard letters, buttons, and homemade fabric flowers to dress it up.  Unfortunately I just realized I do not have a final picture with my lettering, I added the days of the week in a dark turquoise color.

My friend opted for a cute idea she found online, and I absolutely adore it!  She picked out a frame with seven openings and asked for colorful paper and vinyled days of the week.  It came out super cute.  I think this idea would be equally cute for a menu board, or with each window having a name of a family member rather than a week day.  I have also seen seven windowed frame collages arranged as clusters rather than in a row so don't let this large frame scare you.  Here are the before and after pictures:



Wedding Tile

I made this as a gift for a very special young woman I had the privilege of teaching at church.  She has grown in to a strong, smart, incredible woman.  I am so happy she has found a wonderful man to love and cherish her!  I selected colors based on her reception colors of royal blue and silver.  I also know she loves so I added some pearls.  I wish them much love and joy as they begin their journey together!!