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Halloween Buckets

Here are pictures from this year's batch of Halloween buckets.  :)

My eldest dressed up as Ash from the Pokemon series.  He decided he wanted a Pikachu on his bucket:

 Isn't he just so handsome??  Oh wait!  Off topic!  Sorry!  ;)

My kindergartener decided to be a ninja for Halloween.  He has been all about karate and ninjas this year.  But wasn't just any ninja, mind you.  He was a ninja with a mustache (snicker!).

I found a great free font with ninja silhouettes with letter cutouts online.  I simply spelled his name and had the most awesome of ninja accessories:

Finally, my toddler dressed as his idol, Mickey Mouse.  I wrote his named in a Disney cartoon font and added Mickey heads of various sizes in classic Mickey Mouse colors.

 I can't wait for next year's challenges!  :)  Happy Halloween!!

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