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Mickey Stache Bank

A good friend is leaving on a Disney cruise in a week.  She wanted her children to help save up for the trip and so a while ago she asked me to make a glass block bank.  She loved it so much she decided to make additional banks as her Fish Extender gifts.  She just posted a picture of her finished banks and they look so adorable!  (She applied the vinyl herself.)

I think this is my favorite use of that somewhat strange mustache fad going on right now.  :)

The wording on the bank says "Disney Stache."


Western Fun

I was (very willingly) 'roped in' to helping with a western themed fundraiser.  I handled table decor, signage, and a photo booth.  I vinyled, I painted, I paper crafted, I even did a little digital designing.  Here are some shots from the night.  Yee haw!

The Young Women from my church congregation hosted a chili cook off.    We placed a list of voting categories on each table. 


Here are some shots of the photo booth props.  The finished pictures were just adorable!  I included a few shots of my family so you can see how they turned out.  :)

I also managed to squeeze in a little extra crafting to donate a set of countdown blocks to the silent auction.

I had an amazing partner in this endevour, who was actually the brains behind the operation.  She created this super jail for our party, and during the course of the night you could give our sherriff a dollar to arrest an outlaw:


This game was fully embraced by my middle son.  He was begging us for dollars all night and when he arrested someone the reason was usually "because I can."  Lol!  It was a super fun night!


Disney Frames (Fish Extender Gifts)

Okay, bear with me.  I have one more Disney post and then I'm done.  Maybe.  Okay, I promise you won't see any more Mickey this month, how about that?  :)

Disney cruises have a gift exchange tradition called Fish Extenders or FE's.  Last time around I made hand sanitizer bottles and magnets.  This time I decided on personalized frames.  I found four-frame collages at the dollar store.  I knew I wanted to personalize the frames with Disney paper and vinyl lettering.  Since our itinerary had four ports of call I opted to vinyl a port on each frame, plus I added a Mickey head in the center. On the back I added the family's name and the ship name.  They turned out super cute!

Here is my personal frame:

You may notice my frame has three ports and one ship name.  We actually missed a port on our trip due to 7 foot swells.  Unfortunately I couldn't make changes to the gift frames on board the ship.

A second friend liked my frame idea and decided she also wanted to give frames as her FE gifts.  Unfortunately I had already cleared out these particular collage frames, but she found a smaller collage frame at a second dollar store.  This is how her frames turned out:


Lunch Surprise

I knew the first day back to school after Christmas vacation and a cruise could be tough.  I thought I would cheer up their day with a surprise at lunch.  I decorated the insides of their lunch kits with my leftover vinyl decals, Disney stickers, and red tinsel.  (See?  It was good the Christmas boxes hadn't made it in to the attic yet.  ;) )

That was so fun I decided to decorate their water bottles next to bring in the pirate reference...

... and then I filled their lunches with some Mickey treats.  I included Mickey crackers and candy we had received on the boat.  I happened to have some Pixie Sticks and Smarties on hand so I made a fun little message for them.

These are the days where I feel like sneaking in to school to watch them discover their surprises.  :)

Disney Bon Voyage Breakfast

We are back from vacation!!  I had fun on my first Disney cruise, but our second cruise just was amazing fun!!  My 5 yr old pirate became good friends with Peter Pan, our excursions were a blast, and we were even invited to a private character party on our last night!!  But this is a vinyl blog, so I had best get back on track!  :)

I wanted to show my Mickey glasses in action.  Here is a shot of our "Bon Voyage Breakfast."  The boys were super surprised and loved our party. 

The table was set with a red tablecloth embellished with vinyl Mickey heads.  This is a super cute, inexpensive way to personalize for any party or holiday.    The centerpiece of the table was a Mickey head fashioned out of three large, black, round placemats I found at Walmart.  On top of that Mickey Mouse was sitting next to our countdown.  Notice our countdown is at the number "0".

 The place settings were paper goods to make for super quick and easy cleanup.  I did not want to worry about dishes when I knew we would be rushing to get out of the house.  I used as square black plate as a charger and a smaller red round plate for our food.  The utensils were yellow.  Breakfast was delicious apple danish, but I kicked it up a notch with colorful Mickey Mouse sprinkles.  Doesn't everything taste better with sprinkles on it?  My boys certainly think so, even my husband.  :)

When the boys got to the table they found rubber bracelets and Mickey Mouse blow party favors.

It was a great way to start our vacation, and good practice for the future.  I'm planning on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party for my baby next year.