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Handprint Vinyl Tiles

One of the best parts of my new adventure is working with very creative people! My neighbor had such an adorable idea for holiday gifts this year, she asked me to design a tile with handprints to give to grandparents. Her tiles came out so well I had to make one for my own mother (who is the world's best grandma, in my humble opinion! :) )

For this tile I had each child come to my house so I could collect their actual handprints with paint. I also had the older children write their names with a fat marker. I was able to scan the handprints and names in to the computer and turn those images in to cutting files. The tiles were further personalized by using each child's favorite color.

Each tile was personalized with children's names and ages. I have covered some of this information to protect their identities, but hopefully you can tell how adorable the finished tiles are.

Individual handprints could fit on a 6 inch tile, however a multiple handprint design would require a 12 inch tile or other larger 'canvas' such as a wood sign or frame.

Finished 12 inch tile (up to two handprints) - $22
12 inch vinyl design (up to two handprints) - $15

If you wish to create a 6 inch design, or one with more than two handprints please contact me for a pricing quote. Shipping is NOT included in the above price.

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