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Family Tree Design

I think this is officially my favorite design!  This originally began as a "Families are Forever" request.  The words looks so lonely on that big tile so I began to brainstorm various symbols relating to family.  My dad is huge on geneology and family trees and I decided to go in that direction.

I found the beautiful tree image online for free.  I converted it to a cutting file, then spent a good amount of time editing the file to make the image more bold.  I then cut the tree using glossy white vinyl and hand painted the brown trunk and limbs and the green leaves.  It is so beautiful in person!

I think this design is very versitile.  You of course can keep the "Families are Forever."  But how about "Our Family Tree" or even using your family name?  I can see this design hanging on a wall (or applied directly to a wall) in the middle of a collection of family photographs. 

The tree design is only available in a 12 inch square design.  Unfortunately it is far too delicate to cut in a smaller size.  But remember you can choose a different font or colors to suit your tastes.


Tree design only, solid colors:  $13.00
Finished 12 inch tile in solid colors:  $20
       *If you choose this option be aware that your tree will only be
       a silhouette in one solid color, but you  may choose a
       contrasting color for the text for no additional charge.

Tree design only, painted vinyl:  $20
Finished 12 inch tile in painted vinyl:  $30

If you would like this design applied to a medium suitable for hanging, such as a wooden sign, or would like to vary the lettering size please contact me for a personalized price quote.

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