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Gallery of Work

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Vinyled Pumpkins

Today I offered to supply some vinyl to decorate pumpkins at a preschool playgroup party.  I mostly cut jack-o-lantern faces, but I also supplied bats, spiders, polka dots, and cars.  I loved seeing all of their creations, and I even saw one of the vinyled pumpkins made it in to a Halloween photo shoot.  I'm talkin' with a professional photographer!  I was quite excited.

I took pictures of my two favorite pumpkins from the party, a traditional jack-o-lantern and a police car.


Halloween Custom Work

Here are more samples of customized costumes and trick-or-treat buckets.  First, a bucket for a police officer:

Next, a faux flight pin made out of gold vinyl and a bucket for a bomber pilot:

And finally, some work for an Air Force pilot.  First I added some lightening bolts to a toy motorcycle helmet.  And then I made a jet for the bucket.  The jet was definitely a challenge and I am quite happy how it turned out.


Happy Birthday

This is how we "toadilly" celebrate birthdays in our house.  Mom always seems to slap something up on the wall.  :)  This year we had a dinosaur themed party for my little guy.

The beauty of vinyl is that it easily comes off your walls and you will have no damage to your paint.  I was even able to repurpose the vinyl and make a second birthday sign for a special uncle.


Halloween Pacifier

Isn't this a super cute idea?  You can update your boring binky through the year to match special holidays.  Or, you could choose a monogram or picture that suits your personality.  I just wish I knew that baby was going to be a frog, I would have suggested a little bug.  Wouldn't that have been cute?


Thomas Bucket for Halloween

This was a custom request for a cute 3 year old train engineer.  I have to admit I am proud of this one, it involved six layers of color piecing!


Halloween Fun

Vinyl can be loads of fun around Halloween!  I've already shown you customized costumes, cars, and buckets.  Here are a few more ideas:

A mess free way to decorate pumpkins!

Decorate your candles, and after Halloween is over they return to normal without any damage:  (sorry, don't know why blogspot is rotating my picture)

Decorate your mirrors, or other regular features in your house.  This is a decorated magnet board, usually plain green:


Space Decals for Halloween

A special little astronaut needed to get decked out for Halloween.  I was asked to personalize a plastic helmet and bucket for trick-or-treating.  Right now Michaels has $1 buckets in various Halloween colors in stock.  They are perfect for gathering sweets!

Here is the helmet.  I made a rocket for the top, and wrote "Commander " in a futuristic font.

And are a few shots of the bucket.  I think it came out so cute!  I created an Earth, Saturn, spinning galaxy, alien ship, and a few scattered stars.  The colors popped nicely on the black bucket.