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Gallery of Work

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Personalized Photo Album and Candles

This was a custom request for a person passionate about animals, but especially those from the ocean.

Once again I must apologize for Blogspot.  It continues to rotate my pictures for no good reason.  This album was a small photo album with a hard cover.  The colors were light turquoise and chocolate brown, so we decided to go with a turquoise vinyl.  This is the cover, we added "Kristin" and the turquoise flourish.

Here are the inside covers and the back cover of the album.  We added the animals and flourishes:

I was also asked to embellish two candles.  I found two candles that reminded me of the ocean and added some dolphins and a sea turtle:

Vinyl is an inexpensive way to personalize your home decor or gift.  Custom work generally costs $0.08 a square inch, possibly more if you request a more complex design.  I would be happy to give you a no obligation price quote for any projects you have in mind.


Nativity Silhouettes

This year I prepared several nativity silhouettes for a crafting party.  I designed them to fit on either a six inch square tile or a 7 inch square floating frame.

Design 1:  Halos
(Please be aware that the people have single halos.  The double halo is an effect of a shadow from the camera flash)

Design 2:  Swirls

Design 3:  Family Embrace

Design 4:  Primitive

The floating frames come with black mesh ribbon, but I would be happy to upgrade you to something fancier or more colorful for no extra charge.  Each of these designs can also be enlarged to fit on a 12" tile or various sizes of frames.  Please contact me for details.


One Cry, One Birth, One Life Tile

One cry awakened the world, One birth changed history, One life made all the difference!

I fell in love with this thought from the moment I heard it.  This tile could be reserved as a special addition to your holiday decor, or you could display it year-round to testify of Christ.

Vinyl design: $10
Finished 12 x 12" tile: $17
You may also order this design on a 12" square frame.  Please contact me for options and pricing.  And remember, you may also choose the vinyl color.  The above sample is chocolate brown vinyl on a sandstone tile.


Welcome Santa

Yep, still love that Christmasy font!  I was doing a bit of personal holiday shopping and came across an amazing red sequined frame that I fell hopelessly in love with!  I decided to make a message for a future guest in our home.  :)

A project like this is very simple.  All you need is a frame and piece of colorful scrapbook paper.  The vinyl is applied to the paper under the glass.  This has two benefits- you can clean the frame easily without damaging the vinyl design, and you can replace the framed design with different photographs or designs later in the year.  I have a feeling this cute sparkly frame will make an appearance during the Valentine season...

This is also an inexpensive way to inject your personality in to your home.  The cost of the paper and vinyl for the design above is $3.00 (for a 4x6" framed space).  Contact me if you have an empty frame you would like to fill and I will give you a custom quote.  :)


Merry Christmas!

Would you like to make your vehicle or front door look more festive this holiday season?  I discovered this wonderful Christmasy font that I just love!

The decal in this picture has 3 inch lettering and is approximately 21 inches long.  It is cut from bright red vinyl.  An identical decal costs $3.00, in any color of your choosing.  I can of course customize the size and wording if you would like something different, just contact me for a quote.  :)