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Fish Extenders

I am a Disney fan.  Not over the top obsessed mind you, but I grew up close to Disneyland and visited the park at least every other year.  It is a magical place.  So during the past year I got the idea in my head that I wanted to have my boys experience the Disney magic.  I started to plan a trip to Disney World.  Then I got my hubby involved and he talked me in to switching to a Disney cruise.  The announcement to the boys was made Christmas morning and we took our trip over spring break.  It was fantastic fun!

While planning our trip I learned of a fun game Disney cruisers like to play.  It is a gift exchange called "Fish Extenders" or "FE" for short.  Families sign up to participate in the voluntary exchange and leave gifts for each other throughout the cruise.  Naturally when I was choosing my gift, it HAD to involve vinyl and a crafty flare.  :)

Each person on the gift exchange received a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitizer with a Mickey Mouse hand vinyled on it.  They turned out adorable!  And each person also received two black tile magnets, one with a Disney or cruise symbol and one personalized with their initial.  They were meant to help decorate their cabin doors which are magnetic.  Here are the pictures of my handiwork.  Enjoy!


  1. Hello -

    My family is going on a Disney Cruise soon. When I googled FE I found your blog. Love your ideas. May I ask how you made the black tile magnets?

    Thank you. :)

  2. So sorry for the late reply, I just found this comment! Don't know why I didn't get an email notice...

    The black tile magnets were super easy! Just go to the tile section in your local home improvement store, like Home Depot or Lowes. They sell mini tiles by the square foot. I buy the tiles, separate them from the underlying mesh, then glue on magnets with some powerful crafting glue. When the glue sets I apply the vinyl, just make sure they aren't still dusty from the store. :)

    Hope this helps! Happy crafting! :)

  3. I love your sanitizer idea! Where can I find the Mickey decals you used? Thank you.

  4. Thank you! I thought it was fun too. :)

    I made my own decals using a Cricut cutting machine and vinyl. You can easily make your own if you have a cutting machine. If not, I do sell them. You can contact me at if you are interested.

    Have a great day! :)

  5. Out of curiosity- where did you find your hand sanitizers? Love this idea!

  6. I found them in packs of 6 at my local Walgreens. I believe I saw them on their online store too. :)