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One more Disney Post

Forgive me for throwing my fabulous vacation in the mix again, but I have a few more vinyled items I can show for inspiration.

The first things I can show you are handmade T-shirts and pillowcases.  I wanted my kids to help make some fun items for their trip.  We bought colorful T-shirts and covered them in various sizes of Mickey heads.  Then we sprayed them with bleach and let them sit in the sun.  Once the shirts were dry we washed them and peeled off the vinyl to reveal a custom faded/bleached shirt with dark Mickey heads.  Here is a shot of my boys spraying their shirts:

Unfortunately I do not have a close up shot of the finished product.  My boys wore their shirts to our character breakfast, and if you look really close you can at least get a feel for how the shirts turned out.

We repeated the process for two pillowcases as well.  I did decide to add an initial so my boys would be able to identify their own personal pillowcase.  Once we boarded our ship we turned the pillowcases in to the 'front desk' of the ship with a Sharpie marker.  They were returned to our cabin three days later with signatures from all the main Disney characters!  It was a fantastic souvenir!

The last items I created were luggage tags.  I found colorful leather luggage tags at Michaels for $1 each.  The tags had a pocket for a picture.  I selected appropriate scrapbook paper as the picture, and added a few accents on the plastic window to add even more cute factor.  I used some stickers and Mickey heads cut from vinyl.  This was a useful touch for our trip since we had multiple matching bags.  I will likely recycle some of these tags for my boys' backpacks this school year.