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Here We Go Again, Disney Countdown!

So as much as my wonderful hubby hated the price tag of our first Disney cruise, it didn't stop him from wanting to go on a second cruise.  Disney announced cruises leaving from Texas, and later a kids sail free promotion and BAM!  We were booked.  :)

I decided to make a simple countdown for my kids to enjoy.  I vinyled "Days 'till we set sail" in a Disney font on blue cruise paper.  I placed it in an acrylic frame.  On my next trip to Home Depot I collected several paint swatches in a bright rainbow of colors, and added Mickey heads with number cutouts. 

Let the countdown begin!! :)


Gobble Gobble!

I must be in the mood for turkey.  Usually I am all about the pumpkins this time of year but I am feeling very inspired by the feathery creatures right now.  I love this sign I made for myself.  I was walking in Hobby Lobby and came across a blank sign with a metal turkey.  I had no clue what I was going to do at the time but I really love how it came out.  And I really love my new green polka dotted vinyl!

I am also working on a turkey home decor project.  My Tom isn't finished yet, but I love how he is coming out so I'm posting a preview:


Halloween Buckets

Here are pictures from this year's batch of Halloween buckets.  :)

My eldest dressed up as Ash from the Pokemon series.  He decided he wanted a Pikachu on his bucket:

 Isn't he just so handsome??  Oh wait!  Off topic!  Sorry!  ;)

My kindergartener decided to be a ninja for Halloween.  He has been all about karate and ninjas this year.  But wasn't just any ninja, mind you.  He was a ninja with a mustache (snicker!).

I found a great free font with ninja silhouettes with letter cutouts online.  I simply spelled his name and had the most awesome of ninja accessories:

Finally, my toddler dressed as his idol, Mickey Mouse.  I wrote his named in a Disney cartoon font and added Mickey heads of various sizes in classic Mickey Mouse colors.

 I can't wait for next year's challenges!  :)  Happy Halloween!!