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Western Fun

I was (very willingly) 'roped in' to helping with a western themed fundraiser.  I handled table decor, signage, and a photo booth.  I vinyled, I painted, I paper crafted, I even did a little digital designing.  Here are some shots from the night.  Yee haw!

The Young Women from my church congregation hosted a chili cook off.    We placed a list of voting categories on each table. 


Here are some shots of the photo booth props.  The finished pictures were just adorable!  I included a few shots of my family so you can see how they turned out.  :)

I also managed to squeeze in a little extra crafting to donate a set of countdown blocks to the silent auction.

I had an amazing partner in this endevour, who was actually the brains behind the operation.  She created this super jail for our party, and during the course of the night you could give our sherriff a dollar to arrest an outlaw:


This game was fully embraced by my middle son.  He was begging us for dollars all night and when he arrested someone the reason was usually "because I can."  Lol!  It was a super fun night!

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