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Handprint Vinyl Tiles

One of the best parts of my new adventure is working with very creative people! My neighbor had such an adorable idea for holiday gifts this year, she asked me to design a tile with handprints to give to grandparents. Her tiles came out so well I had to make one for my own mother (who is the world's best grandma, in my humble opinion! :) )

For this tile I had each child come to my house so I could collect their actual handprints with paint. I also had the older children write their names with a fat marker. I was able to scan the handprints and names in to the computer and turn those images in to cutting files. The tiles were further personalized by using each child's favorite color.

Each tile was personalized with children's names and ages. I have covered some of this information to protect their identities, but hopefully you can tell how adorable the finished tiles are.

Individual handprints could fit on a 6 inch tile, however a multiple handprint design would require a 12 inch tile or other larger 'canvas' such as a wood sign or frame.

Finished 12 inch tile (up to two handprints) - $22
12 inch vinyl design (up to two handprints) - $15

If you wish to create a 6 inch design, or one with more than two handprints please contact me for a pricing quote. Shipping is NOT included in the above price.


Custom Vinyl Frame - Wedding

I was so excited when a very good friend asked me to personalize a framed picture to celebrate her recent marriage. Her favorite color is red, which made a common appearance at her reception. I requested a picture with white, hazy edges and found a beautiful black and red frame. I think the final product came out very beautifully!


LDS Young Women Vinyl 2010 Theme

These designs represent the new LDS Young Women's theme for 2010:

“Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest” (Joshua 1:9).

One of the things I love about this scripture is that there are multiple messages you can pull from it. I thought I would make a few designs to emphasize some of the highlights.




You can choose any color for these designs, and with design D you may also choose a second accent color for "thy God."

6" design (vinyl only) - $3.50
Finished 6" tile - $7.00
12" design (vinyl only) - $7.00
Finished 12" tile - $15.00

Pricing does NOT include a stand or shipping, if required.

If you have a different design in mind or would like to add some embellishments please feel free to contact me! I love to design!


Custom Coasters

I thought I would post a sample of a custom job I was hired for. A good friend asked for "Arizona Christmas, but non-cowboy" coasters. These are the designs I came up with. I think the southwestern adobe house with the manger is my favorite.


Custom Snowflakes

How would you like to create your own winter holiday decor? I found the most fun website where you can cut virtual snowflakes. My kids have a blast with this site, you should definitely check it out:

I first recommend that you first "Visit the Gallery." There are over 20 million flakes that have been created and saved on this web page, and it is incredibly inspiring to see what other people have created.

Once you are ready to give your own creative talents a go, click on "Make a Flake" in the bottom left corner (if you are still in the gallery). You can then begin to design your own snowflakes. You can preview them along the way to see how your finished product will look. When you are happy with you design click on "Save my Flake."

Fun, right? My kids love playing with this web page. (In fact they just saw me blogging about it and asked if we could make more flakes today...) But why am I talking about this on Toadilly Homemade? Because I can turn your snowflakes in to paper cutouts or vinyl decals! All you need to do is go to the gallery, click on your snowflakes of choice and select "View Image." Your snowflake will open in a new window where you can right click on the flake and save it as an image file. You simply need to email the image files to and let me do the rest of the work!

I can cut the snowflakes in any of your favorite colors. If you want to keep it traditional, I have white, baby blue, and frosted (glass etch) vinyl in stock. For a little extra you can jazz up your flakes by choosing royal blue glitter or silver holographic vinyl.


For solid color vinyl and frosted vinyl:

- Two 5.5" flakes - $1.25
- Four 4" flakes - $1.50
- Eight 2.75" flakes - $2.50

For specialty vinyl (silver holographic or royal blue glitter):

- Two 5.5" flakes - $2.50
- Four 4" flakes - $2.75
- Eight 2.75" flakes - $4.00

If you would like to see snowflake designs I have already created from the Make-a-Flake website, visit:


Set of 12 Monthly Tiles

I am quite excited about my next project, I have designed a set of 12 tiles that you can display in your house throughout the year. Each month you will be able to freshen up your decor with a colorful themed 6-inch tile.

My goal is to ultimately have a large variety of designs available so you can customize what you would like to display in your home. I am currently working on a Menorah and a beautiful Santa, and I hope to also add tiles to celebrate other special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. So if you are interested in a set of these tiles but would like to make a special request please let me know! In fact, if you have ideas for future tiles please leave a comment. I'd love to hear them. :)
January - Happy New Year
(circles are made with blue glitter vinyl)
February - Love You
March - Ornate Shamrock
April - Hoppy Easter
May - Mother is another word for Love
(you can customize the color of the flowers)
June - It takes a special person to be a DAD.
(you can customize the colors of the tie)

July - USA

August - Fun in the Sun

September - Back to School

October - Trick or Treat

November - Gobble

December - Nativity in silhouette
(the star is made with gold leaf vinyl)


Individual finished 6 inch tiles - $7.00
Set of 12 - 6 inch tiles - $45.00 (or $3.75 per tile, a great deal!)

Pricing does NOT include a display stand or shipping. Please contact me for a price quote if you would like to add a stand or require shipping.

If you wish to purchase more than 12 tiles in one order, additional tiles will also cost $3.75.


Western Coasters

Another fun idea for your home are personalized coasters! Coasters are a way to let your personality shine through and make great holiday, housewarming, and wedding gifts.

Set of four ceramic tile coasters - $12.75

Each additional coaster - $2.50

These coasters are made using quality ceramic tiles that visually look like weathered stone. The tiles measure approximately 4 inches and each tile has individual character. No two coasters or coaster sets will ever be identical.

After the application of vinyl, the coasters receive several coats of sealer to protect the design. The base of the coasters are lined with cork to protect your furniture from scratches. Please note that these coasters are NOT dishwasher safe and should be hand washed with mild soap and water.

This set was designed for a Western fanatic. If you have an idea for a custom set of coasters, please contact me! I love custom orders! I would be happy to design something just for you. :)


Each of us is an innkeeper...

**Note - Naturally I caught the misspelling AFTER I snapped the picture.  I did fix the design but forgot to snap a photo before my personal tile made it in to the attic.  I will try to remember to update the picture next holiday season.  :)

"Each of us in an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus."
This is a beautiful quote by Neal A. Maxwell that touches on the true meaning of Christmas. The Christmas star on this tile is made with gold leaf vinyl, and there is a manger filled with hay in the bottom corner. Both graphics can be removed if you prefer a words only tile.

Finished 12x12 tile $17.00.


Snowflake Decals

I am just ACHING for winter!! I live in Houston and it is still in the mid-70's temperature range. We have yet to experience fall while I have family shoveling snow and using ice picks in other states. So I thought I would try to get in the mood... :)

An easy way to bring winter in to your home is to decorate with vinyl snowflakes. You can place them on glass windows, mirrors, walls, doors, candles, ceramic canisters in your kitchen, and more! This is a great decorating activity for kids too.


For solid color vinyl and frosted (glass etch) vinyl:

- Two 5.5" flakes - $1.25
- Four 4" flakes - $1.50
- Eight 2.75" flakes - $2.50

For specialty vinyl (silver holographic or royal blue glitter):

- Two 5.5" flakes - $2.50
- Four 4" flakes - $2.75
- Eight 2.75" flakes - $4.00

You may choose any number of snowflakes designs with your order, but please no more than two color selections per set of snowflakes.

I loved my test cuts so much, I decorated my laptop for the season!

LDS Young Women Value Tiles

This design is a personalized LDS Young Women's value tile. The tile you see above is a beautiful pale pink-beige color, perfect for girls! But you may choose any color tile for the backing.

Finished YW values tile in all black - $30.00
Finished YW values tile with value colors - $37.00
The price reflects the time involved in color piecing and applying the delicate letters. But I would be willing to negotiate a percent discount with the purchase of multiple tiles.

A name in the center of the circle is included in the price. You may choose to add the phrase "Stand for Truth and Righteousness" for an additional $3.00.


The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts

I love this quote. I designed this tile for my husband who recently gave a wonderful motivational talk about the power of positive thinking.

Finished 12x12 inch tile in black lettering only - $17
Finished 12x12 inch tile with your choice of up to five colors - $20

I have over 50 colors of vinyl in my inventory so you can truly make this tile personal!