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Custom Snowflakes

How would you like to create your own winter holiday decor? I found the most fun website where you can cut virtual snowflakes. My kids have a blast with this site, you should definitely check it out:

I first recommend that you first "Visit the Gallery." There are over 20 million flakes that have been created and saved on this web page, and it is incredibly inspiring to see what other people have created.

Once you are ready to give your own creative talents a go, click on "Make a Flake" in the bottom left corner (if you are still in the gallery). You can then begin to design your own snowflakes. You can preview them along the way to see how your finished product will look. When you are happy with you design click on "Save my Flake."

Fun, right? My kids love playing with this web page. (In fact they just saw me blogging about it and asked if we could make more flakes today...) But why am I talking about this on Toadilly Homemade? Because I can turn your snowflakes in to paper cutouts or vinyl decals! All you need to do is go to the gallery, click on your snowflakes of choice and select "View Image." Your snowflake will open in a new window where you can right click on the flake and save it as an image file. You simply need to email the image files to and let me do the rest of the work!

I can cut the snowflakes in any of your favorite colors. If you want to keep it traditional, I have white, baby blue, and frosted (glass etch) vinyl in stock. For a little extra you can jazz up your flakes by choosing royal blue glitter or silver holographic vinyl.


For solid color vinyl and frosted vinyl:

- Two 5.5" flakes - $1.25
- Four 4" flakes - $1.50
- Eight 2.75" flakes - $2.50

For specialty vinyl (silver holographic or royal blue glitter):

- Two 5.5" flakes - $2.50
- Four 4" flakes - $2.75
- Eight 2.75" flakes - $4.00

If you would like to see snowflake designs I have already created from the Make-a-Flake website, visit:

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