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Lunch Surprise

I knew the first day back to school after Christmas vacation and a cruise could be tough.  I thought I would cheer up their day with a surprise at lunch.  I decorated the insides of their lunch kits with my leftover vinyl decals, Disney stickers, and red tinsel.  (See?  It was good the Christmas boxes hadn't made it in to the attic yet.  ;) )

That was so fun I decided to decorate their water bottles next to bring in the pirate reference...

... and then I filled their lunches with some Mickey treats.  I included Mickey crackers and candy we had received on the boat.  I happened to have some Pixie Sticks and Smarties on hand so I made a fun little message for them.

These are the days where I feel like sneaking in to school to watch them discover their surprises.  :)

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