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Santa Name Tags

So how smart are your kids?  When I was a little girl I noticed Santa's handwriting looked an awful lot like my dad's barely legible chicken scratch.  Now that I am playing the role of the big red guy, I want to deceive my kids as long as possible and make Santa's presents extra special under the tree.  So this year I decided to label our Santa presents with oversized, glittery letters.  I love, love, love how it came out!  This is definitely a new tradition for our family!

I applied the letters directly to the wrapping paper using a glue stick.  On Christmas morning I discovered I was able to pull the letters off fairly easily and use them in my Christmas scrapbook.  An extra bonus!

Glittered cardstock comes in a rainbow of colors.  The cost of glittered lettering is $3.50 per sheet.  I am able to rearrange the letters of your text to squeeze as many letters as possible on to your sheet.  For my presents I cut letters averaging three inches tall, and was able to cut six names (with five letters each) per one scrapbook page.


Cookie Plate

A request for a personalized cookie plate for Santa.  You can transform any dish, platter, or charger plate in to a fun holiday tradition.  Ross, Marshalls, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, and other similar stores are a great place to find inexpensive gems to decorate!


Birthday Party Invitation

A birthday party invitation for a special fireman fanatic!  The blue boxes are to protect the innocent...  ;)

The fire hydrant, hose, and flames were created by my cutter.  The water stickers I happened to have on hand, as well as some red glitter glue for the tips of the flames.


It's GREAT to be back!! Custom Work - Sports Projects

So the past few months have been challenging and bittersweet.  In January we discovered we are expecting our third baby... and then I quickly became ill.  My pregnancies are challenging and I feel like I have been living on the couch with an upset stomach for-ev-er.  Recently the bad nausea tapered off and I began to feel more like myself.  So I began to entertain job requests and am having so much fun 'playing' with vinyl again.

I was able to complete a special project for a sweet little baby.  Last month I met my new nephew Adam and oh is he just so adorable!!  His parents decided on a sports theme for his nursery and wanted his name above the crib.  I hunted for appropriate fonts and we landed on one named "Allstar."  It reminds me of collegiate sports.

I did not make the decals surrounding Adam's name.  Those were purchased months before his birth.  But I have designed sports decals for other projects.  Here is a picture from a fun project I completed about a year ago.  I decorated water bottles for some cute soccer players:

And this is a team banner I created for my son's first soccer team:

I have also designed football, baseball, and bowling decals.  I am also happy to create a custom design if you have a special project in mind.


Family Tree Design

I think this is officially my favorite design!  This originally began as a "Families are Forever" request.  The words looks so lonely on that big tile so I began to brainstorm various symbols relating to family.  My dad is huge on geneology and family trees and I decided to go in that direction.

I found the beautiful tree image online for free.  I converted it to a cutting file, then spent a good amount of time editing the file to make the image more bold.  I then cut the tree using glossy white vinyl and hand painted the brown trunk and limbs and the green leaves.  It is so beautiful in person!

I think this design is very versitile.  You of course can keep the "Families are Forever."  But how about "Our Family Tree" or even using your family name?  I can see this design hanging on a wall (or applied directly to a wall) in the middle of a collection of family photographs. 

The tree design is only available in a 12 inch square design.  Unfortunately it is far too delicate to cut in a smaller size.  But remember you can choose a different font or colors to suit your tastes.


Tree design only, solid colors:  $13.00
Finished 12 inch tile in solid colors:  $20
       *If you choose this option be aware that your tree will only be
       a silhouette in one solid color, but you  may choose a
       contrasting color for the text for no additional charge.

Tree design only, painted vinyl:  $20
Finished 12 inch tile in painted vinyl:  $30

If you would like this design applied to a medium suitable for hanging, such as a wooden sign, or would like to vary the lettering size please contact me for a personalized price quote.



With my design software I am able to cut almost any type true font, and I am able to manipulate spacing, size, and orientation of each letter.  Below is a sampling of different font categories, but I have many more in my personal collection.  If you see a font that you like, send me a sample and I will try to match the font for you.







VINYL COLORS - Solid, Specialty, Painted

ll color swatches are saved images from the vinyl supplier website.  Please be aware that the actual color of the vinyl may appear different than what you see on your computer monitor.  I have a sample color book you may browse to see true color swatches.

All colors are matte unless otherwise noted.












Specialty Vinyl:

(the first one reads "silver holographic")

Hand Painted Vinyl:

Painted vinyl is vinyl I have enhanced with various colors of a special ink.  This ink adheres to glossy surfaces only, therefore the end product will be glossy.  At this time I have the following ink colors to work with:  reds, pink, purple, blue, greens, browns, and grey.  Most of my colors are rich jewel tones, but I will be expanding my supply to include many more colors including pastels and metallics.  The colors blend beautifully together, and will never achieve the same finished result twice so you will always have an unique finished product.

I will post color samples soon.  For examples of projects with hand painted vinyl, please visit the following links:


Item For Sale - FAITH

This inspirational tile is an 8 inch by 12 inch piece of polished beige marble with beveled edges. This piece is so beautiful in person, the picture hardly does it justice.  The word "FAITH" was created using hand painted vinyl.  I used a combination of a rich deep purple and a pale blue:


Finished tile - $20.00 (tile stand and shipping not included)
If you would like "FAITH" in a different color I can make this change for an additional $1 for solid colored vinyl, or an additional $3 for painted vinyl.

This design can be adapted to different sizes and can be placed on less expensive ceramic tile. Please contact me for a pricing quote.

Item For Sale - BELIEVE

This beautiful display tile was inspired by a special person in my life. The picture really does not do this piece justice!  The tile is an 8 inch by 12 inch piece of polished beige marble with beveled edges.  The word "BELIEVE" was created using hand painted vinyl.  It is a rich cranberry color:


Finished tile - $20.00 (tile stand and shipping not included)
If you would like "BELIEVE" in a different color I can make this change for an additional $1 for solid colored vinyl, or an additional $3 for painted vinyl.

This design can be adapted to different sizes and can be placed on less expensive ceramic tile.  Please contact me for a pricing quote.


Custom Work - Street Sign for a Car Bedroom

This was made for a little boy's car bedroom.  This street sign can be personalized with any (short, but sweet) text, and can be cut quite a bit larger if you wish to display it on a wall rather than a door.

Earlier, I had cut yellow dashes for the border for this car bedroom.  Can you imagine the work if you had to paint on that finishing touch??

Custom Work - Princess of a Heavenly King

I recently had the opportunity to sit with a friend and design some beautiful mirrors.  She told me what she wanted and we hunted for the perfect fonts and colors.  I let her drive the design and she applied the vinyl herself.

The first mirror she wanted to create was one that read "PRINCESS of a Heavenly King."  Here is the design concept:

And here is the finished design:

Didn't that come out so adorable?!?  I love how she added rhinestones to the corners and on the tips of the crown.

For her second mirror she chose to make a personalized LDS Young Woman value design:

I thought her idea to personalize mirrors was quite clever!  She found her mirror tiles at Target, in a pack of six mirrors for $20. 


Custom Vinyl Frame - The Many Jobs of Dad

This has been one of the most fun projects I have completed!  What a wonderful expression of love for someone important in your life!  This was given as a gift for Christmas, but this idea could be used for any holiday or birthday.  This frame is quite large because the recipient is such a fantastic dad, but you could apply this idea to any size collage frame.

Please click on the picture to enlarge it if you are having trouble seeing the detail.


Custom lettering will cost $0.10 per square inch, with a minimum order of $3. 

I can provide you with an estimate of final cost after I am provided with your words of choice and the size of lettering you would like.  You will have no obligation to continue forward.  :)

The price of this project does not include the cost of a frame or shipping charges.  If you would like me to select a frame and apply the words that will add additional cost.


Custom Work - Decorating for Guests

We sure love when family comes to visit. It doesn't happen often because we are so far south and no one seems to want to vacation in the hot, humid climate. So when a grandma comes to visit it is an especially big deal! My boys have named the guest room "The Grandma Room." I thought that was so cute, we officially named the room using vinyl. And when my mother came to visit over Christmas, I let the boys put red hearts anywhere they pleased. They even put hearts on the door knob! :)

Vinyl can also be used to help your guests, not just welcome them. A few years back, a grandmother generously offered to watch my children while my husband and I vacationed for 10 days. I knew that she would feel lost in our new house, and that she wouldn't be able to talk to us on a regular basis based on our travel plans. So I labeled drawers and cabinets to help her navigate the kitchen, dress the kids, and find important supplies like diapers and towels.

You can customize your cabinets, drawers, bins, canisters, and any other smooth surface. You can pick almost any type true font (there are thousands free on the internet!), the size of the font, and pick colors that match your decorating scheme. You may also choose to label with pictures, this is a great organizing tool for children's rooms and play areas.

And the application is a breeze! You do not have to apply each letter individually, your designs will be coated with transfer tape. Simply peel off the tape with the design, place the design on your surface, and burnish with a credit card or bowl scraper. You will then be able to carefully peel away the transfer tape and your design will stay in place until you decide you are ready for a change.

The cost for custom work is 10 cents a square inch, with a minimum order charge of $3.00